'Twas the 99th night before Christmas

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Welcome to my tiny cutie glittery Christmas e-Shop. I had so much fun creating it that I truly hope you'll feel the cheer every time you visit it. Because I do hope you will come back over and over again.

My purpose is to offer ornaments that will become heirlooms and be cherished by future generations. To be a happy memory for you and your dear ones.

My fondest memory from childhood is Christmas Eve when together with my sister were opening dusty old boxes with glass baubles. We didn't have many and I wasn't allowed to hang them in the tree to avoid a disaster. Every broken bubble was a tragedy ( what a joy when plastic ones came on the market ). We knew all of them by heart. The final touch was to add candies. The ones that you eat but leave the package still hanging in the Christmas Tree so you can annoy the life out of whoever was finding it behind you.

I really wish that you will enjoy all the goodies that I sourced with so much care and a heart full of love.

Sincerely yours,


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